Pinot Noir
We are proud of our unique pinot noir. Because we are a small vineyard, we have the advantages of a highly managed operation. We remove shoulders of our grapes to ensure an even ripening of the berries to produce only the highest quality wine. We thin the grapes early to push the whole plant production into the remaining berries. And we use a special balanced organic fertilizer to keep the plants strong, healthy and disease resistant.

The unique advantages of the Waipara limestone soils provides unparalleled depth and subtlety to our wine.
We use water sparingly to encourage our vines to root deeply.

Our vineyard is one of the very few in NZ based on a French style, meaning our vines are planted more compactly and our wires at only 600mm from the ground, maximise heat from the earth and give us consistent ripening. Planting this densely means we have double the plants per hectare making the vines compete to produce more consistancy in our crop.

At present we have 6 clones of Pinot grapes in the vineyard which produce complex and exciting characteristics.
Each vintage is different and each year we look to improving on the last by bringing in new clones from France.

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